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Upcoming Meetups and Topics Survey Results 2015

Last week our Topic survey came to an end. Here are the results.

Upcoming Meetups

We are always looking for presenters, so don’t be shy connect with organizer Birgit Pauli-Haack at if you’d like to contribute to any of the above listed topics or to different topics.

Just a reminder for all folks involved as volunteers, presenters or attendees, we are an official WordPress Meetup and adhere to the Five Good Faith Rules

Suggestions for Topics (Questions 11)

    • Speak on the recent meeting in Miami if anyone attended.
    • The fuzzy world of menus, categories. Best way to set up website architecture.
    • Revenue producing ideas (as consultant or other)
    • WordPress Multisite
    • How to select the right company (or person) to do all of this for you – questions to ask and expectations to set.
    • How to get fresh material for the website from members and not just the admin.
    • These all seem to be popular topics that I would like to learn more about
    • Speed Optimization

Free Text Comments provided by participants of the survey

  • Self-hosted:
    • Cover as a step by step approach and provide “tips and cautions” for each step
    • Self-hosted: Curiosity killed the cat. Satisfaction brought it back.
    • self-hosted: I already have a self hosted wordpress website but I would like to learn more about wordpress and how to get more exposure for my site
  • Photos:
    • Managing event photo albums (large groups of photos), including controlling download capability, watermarks, etc.
    • Photo sizing and changing page layout.
    • and Videos
    • I have several plugins now but would like to learn about more
  • Plugins:
  • Themes
    • I’m seeking the best multi use themes, covering writers, photography and travel.
    • not sure what you mean by “core concepts” – design, use, something else?
    • bootstrap? multi-site?
    • How to change some elements of a theme to customize it
  • SocialMedia
    • What social media should we join as corporations (nonprofit).
  • BuddyPress:
    • I’m unsure what the BuddyPress program is. I’m interested in know more if it is beneficial for my needs.
    • Create an ancestory site… something everyone could relate to as the example?
    • I do not know what this is.
    • Not sure what this is.
  • Jetpack:
    • I would like to learn more about the program.
    • Jetpack: my host tells me jetpack is buggy, vulnerable, and causes high overhead/use of server resources. are they right?
  • Google Analytics:
    • I have signed up however, I have not initiated the program to completion.
    • Very very!