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SEOslides Logo http://seoslide.esJeffrey Abbott, presenter at the upcoming WordPress Meetup in Fort Myers, mentioned he will use the plugin “seoslides” to create slides for his discussion on  GravityForms. As I do quite a bit of slideshow producing, I am very interested in keeping the search engine discovery performance of my presentation slides on my own website and not give it all to

Recently I started publishing on Google Drive, and their SEO is virtually non-existent. Yeah I was surprised about that, too.  It’ll be worth investing into seoslides, having it all slideshows embedded on our company site.
I didn’t use the slideshow builder that comes with the plugin for this test post. The import feature of the plugin allows me to upload an already available presentation, held in January 2014. I needed to export the slides as PDF from Google Drive then upload via the plugin and then press the import button. It all worked rather smoothly. Take a look! Be aware, the plugin is still in beta, and as always, feedback is definitely welcome!

NonProfit Technology Trends 2014 from WordPress Meetup Southwest Florida

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