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Update June 2020 and Slidedeck

New lead organizer: Guy Cicinelli

Big Thank You to Guy Cicinelli for steping up and become lead organizer of the WordPress Meetup SWFL. Co-organizers are Anne Katzeff, Ani Carlson.

After six years of being a co-organizer, it’s time for new ideas, new voices and new energy. I also started on the WordPress documentation team and that work as mushroomed into a bigger task that I anticipated. I feel the local WordPress community is in excellent hands with Guy, Anne and Ani. I’ll be available until the end of June to handle the transition.

I am grateful for all the work we did together in the community, for the things I learned and the friendships I gained. I won’t be a stranger and show up at meetings, of course. See you then!

If you also want to be part of the organizing team,
please join us on WP SWFL Slack and start a conversation.

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June 18, 2020 Google Search Console Slides

By Birgit Pauli-Haack

web & mobile developer for biz + nonprofits in Naples, Florida. WordPress Meetup SWFL organizer, Netsquared organizer, #nptech, photographer.
Owner Pauli Systems, Naples , FL & co-founder NPTechProjects - Improving Nonprofit Impact through Technology
Birgit is also a deputy on the WordPress Global Community Team

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Thank you Birgit for all the hard work you’ve done over these years. Many Meetups came & went in SWFL, but I am glad to see this one grow. Looking forward to seeing Guy lead the group in 2020.

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