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WordPress Meetup Tomorrow 7/26 @ 6pm – Frameworks and Gutenberg Blocks

Join us tomorrow to learn from two great speakers!

We have a WordPress Meetup – an online MegaMeetup – tomorrow evening with the South Florida group and others. We are also working on arranging speakers for the August and September WordPress Meetups as well. If you have a topic you would like to speak on, please let us know!

Vito Peleg: “The Perfect WordPress Project Framework”

Building a website for a client within WordPress is a completely different game compared to building one for yourself. In fact, most agencies and designers would agree, that building a basic business site (for the sake of the example), on our own, can take between 3-5 days. But as soon as a client or stakeholder joins the process, the project become a 4-6 weeks journey (that is, if all goes well).

On this session, Vito will share what he learned from exploring the workflow of thousands of WordPress agencies and Solopreneurs through as well as sharing his own experiences. The goal is to map out the biggest bottlenecks within website projects without compromising on the quality and increasing client satisfaction for increased referrals.

Anne Katzeff: Beginner’s Guide to Gutenberg Blocks

Anne introduces you to the basic Gutenberg blocks so you can edit existing pages and posts, and create new documents. She’ll start with a quick orientation to Gutenberg features, then dive into some of the common blocks. Anne will show her best ways to use blocks, along with her favorite blocks, layout methods, and tips. For those who are new to using the Block editor or experienced users wanting to check out different ideas and techniques, everyone will get great take-aways from the evening!

Laura Byrne commented on Twitter: “This is hands down the best Gutenberg 101 for content creators I’ve seen. Seriously, bookmark this now and use as a reference: logical progression, great screen caps, user-friendly language.”


Go ahead and RSVP today and we’ll add the Zoom link tomorrow afternoon.

If you would like to speak in August/September please let us know (email me or David @!

Guy Cicinelli
SWFL WordPress Meetup Organizer

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