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Help us find the right mix of topics for our WordPress Meetup SWFL

We are in the planning stages for the second half of this year and if possible even next year. In order to serve the community best, we collected a set of topics in this survey. We are also looking for additional ideas, as well as connect with possible presenters.

PS: We are still looking for a central venue for our meetings. If you know a sponsor or are able to host the meeting that would be wonderful. We are normally between 15 and 25 people need a white wall or screen and if possible a data projector. And central so people from Naples as well as Cape Coral are able to make the meeting. Close to the freeway would be beneficial, too.



By Birgit Pauli-Haack

web & mobile developer for biz + nonprofits in Naples, Florida. WordPress Meetup SWFL organizer, Netsquared organizer, #nptech, photographer.
Owner Pauli Systems, Naples , FL & co-founder NPTechProjects - Improving Nonprofit Impact through Technology
Birgit is also a deputy on the WordPress Global Community Team

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