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To get us past possible WordPress Meetup withdrawals until our next meeting in June 25, 2015, I will be posting on this website in between.
Today, I have a few WordPress News articles that might be of interest to our WordPress Meetup members and beyond.

 Update to WordPress 4.1.2 immediately

WordPress 4.2


Today – April 21 is the day Google is rolling out their changes of ranking regarding mobile-friendly ness, and the Internet is predicting an Armageddon for websites that have not seen the signs before, and will supposedly feel their ranking on Google drop considerably.

For the last few months we published on Relevanza quite a few articles and most meetup members are subscribers of our blog, so this is nothing new. Just in case you missed it and to keep others updated as well, here are a few suggested reading links:

Free Responsive Themes for WordPress

Just in case you haven’t yet acted on it for whatever reasons, put this article with a list of Themes based on Twitter’s open source Bootstrap framework for responsive layouts.

Even if you need a custom developer to tweak these, to your layout, your site, it’s certainly a great start when trying to find a new look for your website built on WordPress.

For our June 25th Meetup, which is the last meeting before our 1 year anniversary, we will create a topics survey so we not only can plan the next meeting but we can all work on planning future meetings as well.

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